About Us

AMAR was established based on the belief that profit-oriented legal services can align with the obligation to provide pro bono legal aid. Furthermore, AMAR holds the view that law firms can actively engage in advocacy for the public interest.

There is a significant number of human rights cases related to the public interest and corruption eradication campaigns that require advocate support. Therefore, AMAR does not hesitate to combine profit-driven, pro bono, and public interest activities within a single law firm entity.

As a law firm, maintaining professionalism is mandatory. This standard applies not only to paid legal services but also to every aspect of our service, including pro bono work and matters related to the public interest.

AMAR upholds the principles of anti-corruption and legal services that align with the public interest. Business entities will be assisted in conducting their business in accordance with the principles of the rule of law.

There are countless challenges. However, AMAR is also aware that considerable support will be given as long as good intentions are upheld. At the very least, AMAR requires reminders and encouragement to ensure that its vision, mission, and principles are consistently implemented.

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